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Northbound Commons, located at 43.5868° N/ -116.7858° W, sits on the ancestral lands of the Shoshone Bannock and Western Paiute. It was turned into fruit orchards and farmed by the Morgan Smith family from the turn of the twentieth century until the late 1980s and farmed by my family, as Northbound Farms, for the past thirty years. Though we no longer grow fruit for sale, we are committed to continue being good stewards of the land.

This new phase aspires to share the land in meaningful ways through workshops, retreats, agricultural experiences, artist residencies, short and long-term rentals, and other events centered around community, sustainability, and equity. Our goal is to find a blend of funded events in order to maintain a robust relief fund, help facilitate food access and distribution to our neighbors in need, offer retreat scholarships, and provide emergency refuge for those needing it. Animal connections are essential to the ethic of Northbound Commons, and all creatures are treated with the respect and dignity they deserve. We are committed to fostering a peaceful, open, equitable, and authentic experience for all who find a reason to come. I hope you will join us on this journey.